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3 Wishes Fabric
Quentin Tote


3 wishes fabric™
Available to independent shops only.
Check with your local shop for 3 wishes fabric® to make this quilt in the Quentin collection!

Supplies Needed:

  3 Wishes Fabric® Quentin Collection

     7/8 yd. (80.01cm) — 12061-Navy

     ¼ yd. (22.86cm) — 12057-Multi

     ¼ yd. (22.86cm) — 12058-Brick

     ¼ yd. (22.86cm) — 12059-White

     ¼ yd. (22.86cm) — 12063-Tan

     1/8 yd. (11.43cm) — 12056-Tan 

     1/8 yd. (11.43cm) — 12062-Sage 

  13" x 42" (3302cm x 106.68cm) fusible fleece
  8 ½" x 12 ½" (21.59cm x 31.75cm) freezer paper

  Coordinating thread

  Rotary cutter (45mm), cutting mat with lines,
   acrylic ruler 6" x 24" (15.24cm x 60.96cm)

  Chalk or removable fabric marker 

  Wooden dowel or chopstick

  Safety pins (size 1 for basting; 1 large for turning)
  Spray starch or fabric sizing

  Fine straight pins
  Seam ripper


  Sewing machine

  Walking foot (for quilting)

  Iron and pressing surface