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3 Wishes Fabric
Woodland Tribe Quilt

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3 wishes fabric™
Available to independent shops only.
Check with your local shop for 3 wishes fabric® to make this quilt in the Woodland Tribe collection!
Finished Quilt Size: 48 ½" x 58 ½" 

Fabric Requirements:
(A) 13769-Charcoal 7/8 Yard*
(B) White 2/3 Yard
(C) 13765-Blue 5/8 Yard
(D) 13774-Brown 5/8 Yard
(E) 13766-Lime 3/8 Yard
(F) 13767-Peach ¼ Yard
(G) 13768-White ¼ Yard
(H) 13772-Blue ¼ Yard
(I) 13773-Orange ¼ Yard 
(J) 13770-White 1/8 Yard

(K) 13771-Gray 1/8 Yard
Backing:  13771-Gray 2 2/3Yards

*Includes Binding

Additional Supplies Needed:
Batting 56" x 66"
Piecing and sewing thread
Quilting and sewing supplies