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DIY Headband

Summer heat and humidity can make every day a bad hair day for many of us.  Cool down with a quick and easy hair band.  All you will need is a fat quarter of fabric and a pack of hair elastics.  For this project we used Fabric Loft canvas, but you can also use cotton.

The fat quarter was cut 3 in x 21 in to fit an average adult.  Don’t worry too much about size, but if you want to measure, measure your head where you will wear the band and minus 1 in for the seams and elastic.  So if you measured 21 in, minus one would be 20 in of fabric.

Fold the fabric so the long sides match and sew with ¼ in seam.  Turn right side out.  There are all kinds of tricks to do this, but I like a safety pin clipped to the end.  Just pull it through!

Iron the fabric tube nice and flat, centering the seam inside so it is hidden.

Fold over the ends twice to wrap the elastic.  Sew close to the elastic.  That’s it!

Posted July 14, 2014