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Stitch Doodling

Friday Play Day is about “Stitch Doodling” but if you don’t free motion quilt stay with us – mixed media is flexible.  You can get almost the same look with embroidery or ink.  You’ll need a sewing machine that will drop the feed dogs and a darning foot.

For our mixed media project, I think a flower design will be good for today – think Chrysanthemums for fall.  I have a bright yellow Fabric Elements fat quarter, some tissue papers and a word stamp.  I stamped on gauze, orange tissue and cotton fabric.

Mod Podge matte medium will bind the paper and fabric.  A heart cut torn from tissue paper is added to the composition.  A few rustic stems and leaves are added.  Circles cut freehand will be the centers of the flowers. Use the matte medium to glue under and over all pieces.  Let dry.

Layer with a piece of batting. Now to the sewing machine!  Thread the machine with black thread. It’s always a good idea to practice, so warm up with a few circles and leaves on scrap fabric.  If everything is working well, start stitching. Move quickly, and keep the machine stitching at a quick pace. Stitch one petal arch, stop, decide where to go next, and move the fabric to that place smoothly.

Keep adding stitching lines, sketching in leaves to fill in blank spaces.  Try to go down the stem to the bottom instead of cutting off the thread.  Any mistakes can be over-stitched, or cover with a button or fabric flower later.

Don’t sew?  Here’s a version sketched with a waterproof, fade proof pen like Micron or Pitt.

Flowers are easy shapes to stitch doodle, make some up this weekend.  Layer them with paper, gauze, journal over them, add elements like ribbons or lace.  Enjoy your mixed media garden! 
Create a Stitch Doodle as a fun craft, or use it in other mixed media projects like scrapbooking or card making, or even use this technique to make a personalized gift tag!