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DIY Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are great for teens and those that may be a little hard to buy for.  Know anyone like that??  Sometimes handmade gifts don’t get finished in time, so if you can, keep a variety of cards on hand.  To get over your gift-card giving guilt, pull out some fabulous prints and stitch up a gift card holder.  This version has a ribbon to hook onto your key ring, just in case you have a habit of forgetting to bring them shopping with you.

  1. Start with two pieces of 3 inch x 8 1/2 inch fabric for both the inside and outside, and one piece of fusible web cut a little smaller, like Heat n Bond lite or Pellon Wonder Under.  Fuse the two rectangles wrong sides together, then trim up if you need to.  This size is a little big, so you can fit 3 or 4 in it to carry on a key ring.
  2. A 3 inch piece of gross-grain ribbon is stitched in place at the 2 inch mark.  A hook and loop tape piece is sewn in the center.  On the other side, it’s matching hook/loop square is sewn in place.
  3. Use the card as a guide to how much you want to fold up, about 3 inches.  Be sure the ribbon is sandwiched in there.  Stitch around the holder close to the edge.  It’s a good idea to put some extra stitches over the ribbon and reinforce the pocket.
  4. Now, pull out your fancy button collection and glue in place over the stitching (Ultimate or Gem Tack are fast and permanent).  You can sew the button in place, but it’s non-functioning — and who wants to sew through hook & loop tape?!  
Your gift card holder and carrier is finished!  Mix & match prints, colors, buttons & ribbons.