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JOY Christmas Decor

Every year there is one craft project that becomes a favorite, the one you remember every detail in the making, and is the first one you look for the next year.  This simple message may be that project!

Letters are available in every size this year.  You can find paper mache, wood, chip board, even galvanized metal for every room in your house.  Here, we used 8 in chipboard, lightweight yet durable, letters.  Drill a hole first, before you add fabric, if you want to tie the letters together to hang.  However, they look just as wonderful propped on a bookshelf.

Using the letters as a pattern, trace on the fabric. Cut out with sharp scissors and use your favorite adhesive to decoupage in place.  Add another coat on top of the fabric if you wish to protect them from dust. Use holiday singles in brights or pick up a bundle of coordinated fat quarters.   You’ll find bundles at AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, and Meijer’s.  Create a little “JOY” for yourself!