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Father's Day Card

This Sunday is Father’s Day.  It’s a wonderful holiday to celebrate your dad with a picnic, a gift or card.  Nothing is better than a homemade, hand written card!  We made a few with simple card stock and Creative Cuts fabric.  It was easy when you’re inspired by these great fabrics!

Sometimes it’s hard to find fabrics to make a quilt or project for your guy.  Everything seems to have flowers or is just plain boring.  Well, not any more – you’ll just have to head over to Walmart’s fabric department!  Our designers have Singles – 18 in x 21 in fat quarter size prints in some great colors and designs.  You will absolutely find something for your next ‘man’ project.  Soccer, volleyball, football and baseball – all covered!  Hunting, horseback riding – yep, seven bandana colors.  Bicycle riding?  Got it.  Have a dog?  Words and paw prints.  Music?  Both black and white reversed.

  1. Begin by picking a fabric to go on your blank card.
  2. Once you’ve picked your card fabric, draw a silhouette, we used ties, onto fusible web.  I used Heat n’ Bond lite today.  Kids can pick or trace something from a coloring book instead. 
  3. Fuse to the wrong side of the fabric, cut out and iron onto your card stock. The kiddos can use the sewing machine to straight or zigzag stitch around edges, just for fun.  Tip: Use a darker thread to make your design pop.  They’ll be so proud to see their sewing!  Fabric cards, just in time for Sunday.  Easy and sew creative.

Happy Father’s Day!!!