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Burlap Storage Bins

Today I wanted to share with you a great DIY using burlap from our Fabric Loft line.  We recently came across a post from the Hopeful Homemaker on how to use burlap to create storage bins and thought it was a fantastic idea!

The materials we used were:  Target Loft Trapeze Burlap 3 |  Loft Vogue White Cotton VOG FDCT-4 |  Pellon Peltex 71F

The tutorial made this DIY look very easy, and it turns out it was!  View the final project below and keep reading for some tips I have after giving this project a try.

1.  To save time and have all three cut exactly the same, I layered the Trapeze Burlap, Vogue White cotton and Peltex ultra firm stabilizer.  For the 8” x 10” x 6” high bin, cut them to 20” x 22”; then cut the 6” squares from the corners.

2.  Peltex 71 has fusible on one side, so that ironed onto the back of the burlap.  I thought making the little handle from burlap would be difficult, but it ironed and sewed easily. Here’s Katie’s easy version – no tucking under and easier to grab:

3.  Then the lining just slips inside and is top stitched.  Ta-dah! Your bag is complete!