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DIY Row Marker Pins

Today’s post is a free project and tip in one – Numbered Row Markers.  All you need are hat pins, or corsage pins found in the wedding supply aisle, pretty beads, a pack of numbered beads, and a little Gem Tac or Mod Podge glue.

Here’s how you make them:  Audition a few combinations of bead shapes and colors.  Slide them on the pin, keep the numbers facing the same, if you need to have a compulsive need to have them that way (like I do).  A dot of glue on the pin near the pearl end and in between.  It can be applied with a toothpick or pin.  Let dry.

Keep them in a cute tin, these were in JoAnn’s, made for gift cards. Glue in a magnetic strip to keep them in place, or stick them into a cut of felted wool.

Here’s how you use them:  Indigo Square’s blocks are made in order, row by row, left to right, instead of Block 1 being the easiest, Block 12 being harder. With this quilt, you may want to sew row 1 completely, including the Setting Kit’s blocks and sashing. Use the pins to keep the rows organized as you sew.  Pin in the seam allowance if you’ll be letting them sit for months.  You’ll be ready when your next quilt tells you to ‘label the rows’.

These will make a quick and easy last-minute gift for a quilter. Here’s a few for inspiration.