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Halloween Whimsical Pillow

Easy DIY Halloween Witch Pillow

Our friendly witch pillow is made with Make it Mine™ fusible iron-on fabrics and a canvas pillow cover.  They’re now in Michael’s stores, so next time you shop, take a look at the fabric aisle!  The sunny yellow print will brighten up your Halloween décor, and the tutu & stiletto wearing witch is a little different from what you’d expect!

Make it Mine™  at Michael’s has 12 different zippered canvas pillow covers for you to choose from and iron-on fabric sheets, there are five different skus of iron-on fabrics, each has three 8 in x 9 in sheets.  These are perfect to create your own designs.

Simply cut out your favorite boot shapes, fit leggings to go inside the tops, and add a fused buckles.  Sew the edges by machine or hand if you want to use them year after year.  There’s a little spider button dangling from the toe, but bells would be fun, too.  Use simple stitches to gather the black and purple glittler tulle into a fluffy tutu.  Your witch is now ready for a little hocus pocus!

DIY pillows for Halloween and Fall are easy with the great selection of pillow covers and fused fabrics.  These are sold at Michaels stores, click here to find one near you!

Posted October 14, 2016
Note: This project was part of a blog post promotion. Some products used may be discontinued.