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Mini Pumpkins

Taking a cue from nature, I wanted to mix up flannels, a collection of vintage looking lace, and rustic stems to make our pumpkins.  When you’re shopping, pick your favorite colors – go bold or traditional, pick what you love. 

Gather your supplies. Flannel bundles work great.  Each fat quarter will give you two 10 inch circles to make two pumpkins.  The “mini” pumpkins are about 4 in high & wide when gathered. So, gather your supplies:

Hand sewing is the way to go for these – it’s quick and you want to use heavy button-hole thread, which won’t like your machine.  Layer the flannel circle on top of the cotton batting and sew the two together.  Run your stitches about 1/4 inch in from the edge and 1/4 inch in length.  Flannel is bulky, so it won’t draw up tightly in the center like a yo-yo, so you have room to stuff, pour in some weighted pellets, and finally, glue in your stem. Snug up the [strong] thread and knot securely.

Now you are ready to embellish with your collection of lace trims!  Sew or glue around the openings and use decorative buttons.   Add a chenille stem wrapped with flannel strips, secured with a little craft glue and twist, for something extra.

DIY flannel and lace pumpkins worked up quick and easy.  Hand stitching flannel was such a treat, too.  The softness of the flannel is so nice to craft with.  Like nature, be inspired to mix it up. Have fun with fabric.  I hope you’ll make these pumpkins part of your Fall decorating!

Posted September 28, 2016