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Pin Cushion Mason Jar

Yesterday we shared the latest QuiltBlocks quilt, did you see?  There are so many beautiful fabrics use in the quilt, we wanted to see what other projects we could make with the fabric.  Keeping with our handmade holidays theme, today we’re using Indigo Square’s fabrics for pin cushion jars Fill them with thread, buttons, or create a sewing kit in a jar.  Great gift!

Start with a 6 in circle, it should be larger than the lid and ring. 

Using a double thread, knot and sew around with a big, 1/2 inch stitch, about a ¼ inch in from the edges.

A small handful of fiberfill goes in, then place the lid and snug up the gathering thread.  Keep slipping in pinches of fiberfill until you have a nice dome shape.  If you have wool roving or wool filling, use it to keep needles smooth, but poly fill is easily found and works well.

Snug up the thread and gather the fabric evenly. Tie off and clip threads.

Now push the fabric dome into the ring – that’s it, you’re finished! Here’s a few made in different sizes.  Gift and packaging all in one!