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Pippet Moesby Blossom Quilt

Supplies Needed:

1 1/8 yards (1 meter) - Pippet Moesby Purple Flower fabric for the backing 

1 yard (1 meter) - Pippet Moesby Purple Flower fabric 

1 each – Pippet Moesby Bundle 1 and Bundle 2 

40" x 40" (101.60cm x 101.60cm) Cotton batting 

Perle cotton (#5, #8) or embroidery thread (pink, purple) 

2 1/4 yards (17" x 81" or 2.06 meters) Lightweight sewable fusible web 

Coordinating thread 

Rotary cutter (45mm), cutting mat with lines acrylic ruler 6" x 24" (15.24cm x 60.96cm) 

Fine straight pins 

Safety pins (size 1 for basting) embroidery needle (#5) 

Seam ripper 


Scissors (spring action – optional) 

Sewing machine 

Walking foot (for quilting) 

Iron and pressing surface 

Open toe foot (for appliqué – optional) 

Spray starch or fabric sizing (optional) 

Tear-away stabilizer (optional)