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Valentine's Day Coffee Cozies

We used Fabric Palette fat quarters to make a quick gift, perfect for a teacher or your special coffee drinker.  You can trace your favorite coffee shop’s coffee sleeve, but if you waited until last minute, just print out this Koozie Pattern.  And to gift your coffee cozy, print out our Cozy Card too!


  • Cotton quilt batting or heat-safe batting
  • Fabric –  8 1/2 in x 5 in for the outside and the lining, 2 1/2 in for the heart
  • Small square of fusible web (for the heart)
  • Elastic cord
  • 1/2 in button


  1. Layer the batting, the two fabrics right sides together, then the pattern on top.  Cut out.
  2. On the fabric you want to be on the outside, stitch the elastic in place close to the edge so it will be caught in the seam.
  3. Fuse the heart in place – this is tricky, the bottom points to the narrower side.  Check it twice before you iron!
  4. Reassemble your stack of fabric and batting, pin the edges, and sew around with a 1/4 in seam allowance, leaving about 2 in open.

  5. Turn right side out through the opening, smooth the edges and press lightly.

  6. Top stitch closely all around the edges, closing the opening.  Hand sew the button in place.

    Happy Valentine’s Day from Fabric Palette!